Would you be an advocate?

A special invitation as we look to the future.

Donate now

This is a vital moment.

If we’ve personally sent you this page, we’re asking you to consider a serious investment into AJM. We need to raise support more than ever before to keep up with the growth of the ministry. If you’re seining this page, we’re asking you to help us and personally advocate for AJM, with a goal of raising $1,000 in new monthly support.

Please watch this video to hear more. 

~Pierce & Andy


If you’re willing to help advocate for AJM:

– We will set up a page on our site with your picture, a short written testimony (or a video) of why you vouch for AJM, and a unique giving portal which will allow us to track if somebody you personally invite becomes a new donor.

– There will be semi-frequent meetings specifically for advocates like you. We will host them online, and in person whenever possible. These will include higher level updates and information about the ongoing ministry, needs, and direction. Whenever one of us is in your part of the world, we would work with you to organize a dinner or event with the donors you’ve invited to parter.

– If you’d like to talk more about this or have any other questions about how we do fundraising, please communicate with Pierce or Andy directly.