Alec Young

Alec serves in Prishtina, Kosovo alongside fellow AJM missionaries in the heart of the city

Alec Young


I switched schools a lot growing up, so my church youth group acted as the only stable access to friends, mentorship and community up through highschool. I surrendered myself to Jesus while on a short term mission trip to France in highschool. Mission work was where my faith became real for me, and it was on the mission field where I developed a love of seeking to understand people and culture that led me to study Sociology in college.
This summer I felt called directly from God, while sitting on a rock on an island, to leave behind a career and my community to join the AJM team in Kosovo. I plan to serve as a barista by making flat whites, making friends and talking about how awesome God is. I also hope to serve on the AJM creative team assisting with video production and editing. My dream is to love people like Jesus did by eating good meals and having long talks. I am eagerly looking forward to being a part of all our God is doing in the world through A Jesus Mission.

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