Amy Emerson

Missionary to Cyprus


Limassol, Cyprus

Growing up in Minnesota, Amy was raised attending church with her family. Between her church youth group experience and participating in a local youth theatre program, her passion for ministry took hold. In 2011, she began 10 years of overseas ministry with Youth for Christ International. First in Denmark, where she ran a band ministry that first introduced her to AJM, and then in Cyprus.

In 2020, Amy joined AJM to start a project called Tesifa Coffee. Tesifa is inspired by the Amharic phrase “Tesifa Sech’ī” meaning “Hope Giver.” With the coffee industry becoming a bigger platform for ministry, Tesifa’s purpose is to professionally train kingdom workers that have a “Hope Giving” mindset in their cafes. Amy has been certified with Specialty Coffee Association as an Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainer. Through online and in person training, Tesifa is training coffee professionals around the world to have high quality businesses and products to better connect to their communities.

Amy also has a role as Student Care Coordinator at Equip Bible School, a one year International School focused on empowering the next generation of Christian leaders. At Equip, she oversees the mentorship and discipleship sides of the students’ experience at school. These two schools (Tesifa and Equip) together meet with Amy’s passion to empower others to pursue God’s calling for ministry in the same way she once empowered as a teen herself.

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