Concerning the attacks in Ukraine

Many have asked if any of our AJM missionaries are being effected by the attacks being carried out in Ukraine.

While we do not have any of our supported missionaries currently living there, A Jesus Mission does have many friends living and serving in the country of Ukraine. It is truly heart breaking to watch their videos, read their email updates, and to imagine what they are dealing with in this moment as their families strive to remain safe.

We take hope in this though; that the church in Ukraine is growing even through this moment, and the Gospel is transforming people’s lives. We know moments like this cause many to realize the urgent need for an eternal hope, so we are praying that many will come into a new relationship with Jesus. Please join us in praying for the safety of our missionary friends and for the people of Ukraine as they realize their worst nightmare coming to pass.

If you want to send financial support to missionaries currently serving in Ukraine, you can make a donation to our General Fund and notate that it is for Ukraine. We will quickly put it into the hands of missionaries and local churches we partner with in the region.