Welcome To The New Website

Welcome To The New Website

Welcome to the new ajesusmission.org! With an updated design and intuitive interface, this new website is sure to make your experience better than ever.

We’ve added brand new features in hopes to help you every step of the way when it comes to finding a missionary, church, ministry, or starting your Jesus mission.

Finding A Missionary

Many viewers visit A Jesus Mission to find a family member or friend serving on the mission field. The old site made it hard to find their missionary profile. Now, you can search missionaries by name, location, and role in the organization on the Missionaries page.

Find A Missionary
It’s now easier to find the missionary you’re looking for on the Missionaries page.

When you find the missionary you are looking for, click on their image to go to their missionary profile.

We have added some exciting new features to every missionary profile! Here, you will hear directly from the missionary, including prayer requests, updates, and stories about their life as a missionary.

You will also find a donation form that directly supports that missionary’s ministry.

Finding A Church

Unite The Mission is quickly growing. We’re adding biblical churches around the world. On the new Churches page, you can search through our churches.

Find A Church
Find a church on the Churches page.

When you find a church near you, click on it to go to their profile to learn about the church.

On a church profile, find meeting times, church leaders and missionaries, a donation form to support that church, and a form to request directions to the meeting location.

Finding A Ministry

Many ministries are working with A Jesus Mission to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world, but on the old website, finding them was difficult. Now, you can find all our ministry partners on the Ministries page.

A Jesus Mission Ministries
Learn about all of our ministries and partners on the Ministries page.

Each ministry has a unique focus. Click on a profile to learn more about the ministry, which missionaries are involved, and ways to get involved.

Getting Involved

The new Get Involved page is the most significant improvement to the website. If you want to join A Jesus Mission in any capacity, this is the place to go.

Get Involved at A Jesus Mission
On the Get Involved page you’ll find ways to join us on A Jesus Mission.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a missionary, donating, hosting our speakers or bands, or joining the prayer list, you’ll find everything you need to join us on A Jesus Mission.

Missionary Dashboard

One of the things we wanted to change on the new website was how missionaries interact with users like you. We created a Missionary Dashboard that allows our missionaries, church leaders, and team members to share content directly to the website.

Missionary Dashboard
Our missionaries now have the tools they need to keep you updated.

Every missionary can now post a prayer request, mission updates, and more through this custom dashboard.

That is a game-changer.

For the first time, our missionaries have the tools to connect their supporters directly to their mission through their profile on A Jesus Mission.

That means they can fundraise, send updates, and receive the prayer they need to thrive on the mission field.

Final Thoughts

Our mission is to equip the found and find the lost.

The new website allows us to equip our missionaries with the best tools possible so they can continue the ministry God has called them to.

I’m excited for everyone to use the new website. I have worked with A Jesus Mission since it started, and this is my best work for the organization yet.

I hope that my small part in using my design skills allows the mission to thrive and the Kingdom to grow.

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