Ashley Gutierrez

Ashley serves with her husband in Mexicali, Mexico with their home church and in the art and coffee community

Ashley Gutierrez


“Hi. I’m Ashley. I was born and raised in Montana and then transplanted to the Oregon Coast. I attend Coastline Christian Fellowship in Astoria, Oregon. I’ve spent the last four years fueling people’s days with alertness and joy as a barista. My go to drink is usually a cortado, unless chemex is an option. When I’m not making, drinking, roasting or thinking about coffee I do design work on the side. In my spare time I like to read a good book or take trips into Portland for some good music and good coffee.” 

ASHLEY POSTIER has been on A Jesus Mission to Mexico since January of 2017. She serves alongside a local church to train and develop baristas in a coffee shop that serves as a way to reach into the community. Your monthly support will help her live in the heart of the city while sharing Jesus to a unique part of culture.

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