Barna Verba

Barna lives and serves in Budapest, Hungary and is the founder of Barnabbe Productions

Barna Verba


Barna is a Hungarian missionary, husband to Abbe, and a father of two amazing children (Ignác and a little one yet to come). Barna is a singer, songwriter, and producer as well. His calling is to share the Gospel with secular musicians and equip the ones who already know Christ. Barna’s primary function at this time, in obedience to this calling, is to build deep relationships with local artists, raise up teams within Barnabbe Productions, and oversee the care and growth of all aspects of Barnabbe Missions.

In 2017, Barna and Abbe started Barnabbe Missions with a YouTube Channel (Barnabbe Productions) in pursuit to help musicians record and promote their music and talent. Even though this started out as a YouTube Channel, it became a community of like-minded musicians whose aims are to succeed in the music industry. Barna has spent a substantial amount of time studying all aspects of the music industry to be equipped to develop musicians in all walks of life. His aim is to pour into these people to the point they can infiltrate the music industry and change it from the inside out. 

Barna says “If followers of Christ are willing to represent the genuine, self-sacrificial love of Christ; live out the works of the Holy Spirit; and care as the Father cares; then we are able to help people see God for who He truly is. This is how we become people who can change the world.”

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