10 things we’ve learned while traveling the world:

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1. Get a coin purse. Men use them in other parts of the world. You will only look strange in America. Besides, it’s completely unrealistic to walk around with a pocket of euros, rand, yen, forint, crowns, pounds, or pence. My pockets aren’t nearly strong enough for that!

2. Choose the aisle seat. Sure the window is great for about 12 minutes. But if you need the restroom and the stranger next to you is deep into a REM cycle, you will appreciate having the freedom to come and go as you please. This leads me to my next thought:

3. Remember to always have bathroom money. It’s only free in America.

4. Pick your battles. If you travel and/or work alongside people, be it for a week, or for a year, you have to learn fast that not everything is worth the fight. Don’t let small things which have no impact on eternity cause conflict.

5. Patience is vital. In some cultures, being in a hurry just isn’t possible! Sometimes, you just have to wait for things. Tim Chaddick said it best when he wrote, “Exercise patience, because the wisest way usually happens to be the most time-consuming way.”

6. View obstacles as opportunities. If you feel as though you are stuck, it very likely could be for a unique purpose. Be Kingdom minded and realize that sometimes what feels like it’s falling apart is just falling into place.

7. Eat everything you are fed. You may only be one bite away from your new favorite food.

8. Selflessness enables longevity. Preferring others above yourself is the exact opposite of our human nature. So it takes a real Christ-like love and an understanding of grace to travel on mission with a team.

9. Perspective is priceless. Learning that the way you do something at home may not be the one and only method of accomplishing it can be life changing.

10. Every person you meet is equally as valuable as the next. At the end of the day, Christ died that none should perish. Whether you are going on mission or traveling the world for pleasure, you will encounter hundreds of people for whom Jesus bled and died. We have learned that every move we make, we make towards eternity. So let’s make sure that the best news to ever be told on earth is accessible to all on our journey.


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