Three easy ways to encourage missionaries this Christmas

It’s far easier to support a missionary than you realize. Here are three easy ways for you to support a missionary this Christmas season:

1. Reply to their emails and social posts.

If you see something in your inbox or feed, take a moment and reply to it. That simple response will be more encouraging than you’ll ever know.

2. Download WhatsApp and use it.

Get their number, and send them texts or voice memos. Every single missionary I know uses WhatsApp!

3. Actually support them… with money.

Even if you can only commit to $10 a month, that support will go farther than you will ever know. It not only helps meet real needs, but it tells the missionary that you see them, recognize what God is doing through them and that you want to be a part of their life. 

If you don’t know a missionary, go to and just scroll around until you find one. All their emails are on their profile.

Thanks for your support as we live out the mission of Jesus.

Andy Ziesemer

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