2020: Looking to the Future

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Since the creation of humanity, the desire of God has been to have a deep, loving relationship with us. Because of sin we are separated from Him, yet we believe that relationship is restored when we put our faith in Christ. Yet around the globe today there are still billions of people who have not yet experienced that overwhelming joy that comes from knowing Jesus. To this end, we live our lives on mission: to see the lost become found. The mission of Christ is to seek and save the lost, and so we make his mission our own! (Luke 19)

When we began doing A Jesus Mission, we could have never understood the opportunities that would be allowed us. Over these last six years, we have sent out more than one hundred missionaries to serve in more than twenty different countries. They may have all gone out using different methods, but I can assure you they have gone out united under one single purpose: to see the hope of Christ made known to a lost and dying world.

As we have grown as an organization and a collective of people transformed by the truth, we have become steadfast in our core aim together. We will continue equipping believers for both the work of the Gospel and sharing the hope of Jesus aloud. 

I want to assure you of this; that even though we regularly encounter efforts to suppress the truth and slow the work, (Romans 1) we know that the spiritual battle we engage in is of high eternal consequence. So we will not step back from the efforts! Indeed, we cannot stop, for we have been commissioned to this task! Please consider this a formal invitation to undertake these endeavors in partnership with us. Will you join us in equipping the church for the work of the Gospel and help send us into the world to proclaim the powerful name of Jesus to those who are lost? 

We are able to go into the world further and faster when you give.

Thank you for sending us on a Jesus mission.

Andy Ziesemer / President of AJM
Pierce Westfall / Executive Director of AJM

Andy Ziesemer

Andy serves as the President of AJM, traveling to support missionaries and teams around the world.


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