A letter from our Executive Director

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2020 was a year unlike any other. For many of us, the fallout of COVID-19 will remain for years. With lost loved ones and financial hardships, I believe we all are looking forward to the new year with great anticipation and with high hopes of brighter days ahead. 

For A Jesus Mission, if I can be frank, this year has been excruciatingly difficult. When churches are put in financially strenuous positions, the unfortunate truth is that missions giving is often the first to cease. For those of you that have continued, we cannot thank you enough for your faithful support. 

Despite these financial difficulties, I am emphatically pleased to share that our mission has not altered, and these challenges have not hindered our witness. We have been steadfast in our Gospel declaration because we’ve simply learned to pivot. 

We’re currently preparing nearly 20 people to go to Spain, Germany, Africa, Cyprus, and the United States. We are working on a merger with an organization that will be coming under A Jesus Mission (more to be announced early 2021). We continue to serve our 80+ missionaries that serve across 10+ countries. This year, we have also planted 8 new house churches. Lastly, we are working towards planting a community outreach center right in the heart of Central California.

Needless to say, we are BUSY.

But at some point, we also need to be real with you. There is no cost too steep to us that would make us stop what we do in caring for and sending missionaries. Our staff is wholly committed to skipping meals and personal support before stopping what the Lord has put before us to do. Though I love our team’s dedication to the mission of Christ, I still have to truthfully present the very real scenario at hand: we need to replace the support we’ve lost due to the pandemic. The graph below is an internal document that details just how devastating the pandemic has been on us here at A Jesus Mission

Since the start of the pandemic, our monthly giving has dropped by nearly 50% 

We’re praying for $10,000/month in new or increased giving to get us back to where we started the year so we can continue our mission of equipping the found, finding the lost, and uniting the mission.


Any of these gifts will greatly help us and our missionaries as we head into a year of rebuilding. The times have been hard, but without a doubt and with confidence, our best days are ahead.

Thank you for your prayerful support as we go into the world.

Pierce Westfall
Executive Director
Pierce Westfall

Pierce serves as the Executive Director and leads our Home Church team.


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