Another town, another breakdown

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Another town, another breakdown…

I spent the last fifteen years touring the nations with The New Divide. We estimate that we drove more than one million miles throughout that time; burning through tires, engines, vans, and axles. We had a breakdown after a breakdown more than I can even begin to remember.

The reality though, is that machines just break. It should not surprise us that tires blow and engines explode! It always seemed like our world and our plans were falling apart – but I can look back on those breakdowns now with a lot more joy.

Nobody feels joyful stuck on the side of a highway in 110-degree heat in Arizona with a blown tire… But looking back now, I can truly see how God used those moments to direct us as we traveled and to grow our faith as we learned to trust Him in everything.

James chapter 1 always makes more sense in hindsight. Very few people I know can look at trials they are in with great joy – but when we see how God works through them and gets the glory in the end, our joy can be sincere.

“Consider it a great joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you experience various trials because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-4 CSB)

Final Greetings is another band on A Jesus Mission, traveling to lead worship, play outreach events, and serve alongside the local churches we partner with.

Two nights ago the van in their engine gave up the fight. They find themselves stuck in Reno, Nevada today. They departed California the other morning, on route to Salt Lake City area for an event. Their engine needs to either be completely replaced, or they have to get a new van this week.

This is no small thing – and after speaking with them yesterday, I know they are trusting God, working to find solutions within their control, and are in good spirits. But they are also stuck!

We have learned that breakdowns often lead to blessings, for they just are another opportunity for us to see God provide!

If you feel prompted to support them today as they look for a wise solution, give by clicking here or down below. Your giving is not only the tool God uses to help solve these breakdowns, but it is also a way that you can be involved in the mission with us from wherever you are.

If you feel like you are stuck on the side of the highway today too — keep your focus on the one who is the solution. Let the trial produce endurance in you so that you can grow into maturity as God desires. There can indeed be a blessing in the breakdown – but you probably just don’t see it yet.

Andy Ziesemer

Andy serves as the President of AJM, traveling to support missionaries and teams around the world.


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