If you want to be a part of the mission, prepare for the mission…

I have heard this sentence a thousand times:
“I feel called to overseas missions… but I have no idea where to start.”
These are a few simple steps you can take TODAY to begin responding to that call.

Step one – Get your passport.

Literally, thousands of people who feel led to go on a mission trip don’t even have a passport yet! How do you expect to go somewhere for missions if you can’t even legally leave the country?! By taking this simple step of faith and spending the couple hundred dollars to prepare, you are positioning yourself to go whenever and wherever the Lord provides! What if we came to you asking for your help in Europe, and the expenses had been paid… but we needed you to leave tomorrow.

You couldn’t go!

In these things that you are able to control; get ready for the mission if you feel called to missions! Get your passport!

Step two – Pray a lot more than you do.

I dare you to find me one person who is in constant prayer for the lost who doesn’t end up engaging in the mission. You will be hard pressed to find one! I’m convinced that people who pray regularly clearly understand the mission and the call of God. They will end up engaged in the work because their hearts are being transformed more into the likeness of Christ!

Step three – Read a lot more than you do.

People who are deeply rooted in the Word of God are sure of both the call and the mission of God. If you feel called to get involved in the mission, then you need to be equipped for it. The Bible itself is sufficient for that work! Read more of it more regularly. Let the texts in the Bible do the transforming work they are capable of.

If you want to be a part of the mission, then prepare for the mission.