I’m intrigued with missions, what should I do next?

You are curious about missions and wonder where you should go from here? I am sure there are some questions going around your mind about what it means. Some of you may be feeling some kind of stirring within you even now. Many of us assume that “mission’s” means a long-term, even life-long commitment, where you uproot your entire life and live in a different country. It could mean that for some people but at AJM we want to encourage each of you that missions is much more.

Each of us is called by God, “to go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19). This command is in itself our call to missions and we should be living this out in our lives in some form. First, I want to encourage you to pray and ask God how He wants missions to impact, influence and change your life. Asking God first is always the best way to begin anything in our lives. 

Second, begin to see the need. Where are the needs in your city, the USA, and other countries? A Jesus Mission is a great place to begin finding the areas of need throughout our world because we exist to equip the found and find the lost. Until Jesus returns we will always need other people to help us on our journey to fulfill the command in Matt 28:19. To some of you this could mean that you start a Bible study with a few friends with the intention of inviting others within your community. One way you could begin this in partnership with AJM is to help sponsor missionaries who are fulfilling their call from God, to “go”. We have missionaries serving globally with a consistent growing list of different countries that have an ongoing need of financial support.

If you are feeling a gentle nudge within you to go a step further, the best advice we can give you is to begin fulfilling the need within your own neighborhood and city first. Perhaps it looks like serving food to the homeless community or dropping off groceries to those who are home bound. It could mean starting a home church or simply having your neighbors over for dinner. To take a step further could also include going on a short-term mission trip. This can be a huge step for many without the long-term commitment. The things you learn on a short-term mission trip are a great introduction to the needs of others around the world and can give you insight into what long-term missionaries do daily. A Jesus Mission offers short-term mission trips every year. If you decide to take this step, your life will be changed in amazing ways! If AJM can help be a support to you as you figure out ways to “live on mission” locally and globally please contact us.

Another way you can go is to join our team of missionaries. We have varying ways you can join the AJM team. From coffee ministry, band ministry, and in country ministries, there is definitely a place for you. Many of you may feel like you are called to a full-time life of missions but the timing may not be right yet. If the timing is “not yet” but you are interested in a long-term assignment we have growing opportunities for you to become equipped. Applying for your passport, taking classes and studying Gods word are also some practical ways to be prepared for missions until you know your next step. If you are ready to jump in now and take the steps to serve in this way, we have continued growing needs in specific countries.

No matter what stage of life you are in, or where God has you help with missions, we are grateful for any of the different ways missions can be accomplished together. All of these ways are crucial. We need everyone. Thank you for joining us as we equip the found and find the lost!