Being the Church in a time of Crisis

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We were having service in our Oakdale church when an elder said, “Why don’t we consider buying canned goods and nonperishables to provide for our elderly? Or anyone who is in need.” I sat there and thought, “What a great opportunity for the Church to be the church.” In this time of misplaced fear, we who believe in God and know that He is in control can take time to get out of our comfort zones and begin to serve our communities. We can actually live out Matthew 28. That week after our Sunday gathering we went out early in the morning and purchased enough food to pass out to over twenty families in need. We also purchased baby formula, diapers for both babies and the elderly and other necessities. A few of the members gathered at the AJM HQ and began to pack the bags. The following days we packed my Jeep and I went to those in need and passed out the groceries. As I began to drop off the bags I was greeted with smiles and many thanks. A young child who I met with her family at TGM the previous year was at the house where I dropped off a few bags at. When she heard me she ran out and jumped on me and said: “Avocado you came!” Avocado was a nickname they gave me at the shelter where I worked at the time. It was a blessing to see their smiles and hear their gratitude towards God’s faithfulness. Another recipient Crystal Aragon of these grocery bags said “This amazing man of God just delivered groceries and I could see the presence of God all over him. God provides, know that!” Another recipient Abbra said “You know we would love to have a home church planted in our home. Like the one you have in Oakdale.” Abbra’s husband then looks at me and says, “If you need help let me know and I can help and also can we meet weekly?” When so many are locked up in their homes in fear, God called us to be the church and pass out groceries to those in need and out of it I have been seeing God move in ways I could not imagine. In this time of crisis, I encourage you to stand firm and know that God is moving, even now! I dare say especially now! The Lord is here and He is going to show us how to be the church. Will you join us as we go as the Church into the world, to Equip the found & Find the lost? I look forward to meeting you when the Lord grants us to meet. May you know that you have been called to serve and that you do it to the glory of God.


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