Do we keep sowing seeds on hard ground?

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Hello! My name is Kyle. I help lead a rock band called Final Greetings. Something that has given our team much excitement this year, as well as a good deal of growth, is preaching the Gospel from the stage. As a group, a huge part of what we look to do more of is work alongside local missionaries & church leaders to share about Jesus to people who don’t know of Him. Through playing outreach rock shows, we can create a space where we can preach who Jesus is and why He is so important.

Currently, we’ve been on a 2 & 1/2 month tour in Europe — a place where a majority of people really don’t know Jesus or actually follow Him. It has definitely been different compared to preaching at a youth group or a mostly Christian event in the States because the crowds here quite literally have no reason to listen to us. Additionally, we’ve faced tons of technical difficulties as soon as we get to presenting the Gospel. For instance, as soon as one of our members began sharing about Jesus at a rock show we helped put on in a Hungarian skate park, a drunk guy got into a huge fight with one of the local bikers! In moments like these, though, I’m taken back to the parable of the sower.

Within the parable, Jesus depicts the sower as if he doesn’t seem to worry about whether he’s scattering seed in good soil or bad soil. He just scatters. Furthermore, Jesus even quotes Isaiah 6 to his disciples immediately after this in the narrative — a passage that touches on Isaiah’s commission from the Lord to speak on God’s behalf to Israel’s corrupt leaders. The part Isaiah plays in the Bible, in reality, is to pursue a rather fruitless mission of proclaiming Israel’s coming judgment to people who will paradoxically harden their hearts because the people had reached a point of wrongdoing from which they will choose not to return. That’s some really serious stuff!

The prophets played a very special and specific role in Israel’s history, but one thing I can take away from it is that when I, with my own flawed eyes, don’t see immediate results when the Gospel is being preached, I shouldn’t be discouraged. Isaiah’s job was literally to tick people off with God’s Word. We shouldn’t be scared when we aren’t accepted! We also know from the parable of the sower that it shouldn’t be our worry as evangelizers if our listeners will immediately follow Jesus when we preach him. Our worries should be directed towards whether or not we’re actually speaking of Him to others as well as being more like Him. To know God and listen to his voice is our true goal. And honestly, our time here has been filled with hardship and doubt in what we’re doing.

Even though my team and I haven’t come across some ridiculous revival story or even seen someone come to follow Jesus because of our evangelizing this Europe trip, I am confident that the Lord is working through our work and in our hearts. For now, Final Greetings is running the plow.

Kyle & Sara Tanuma

Kyle and Sara are full time missionaries and house church planters


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