Raising Disciples

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As a community, we talk all the time about raising our children to live on mission. We are intentional to raise disciples, which means having our kids around as we serve the Lord so they can experience Him and His Spirit. Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with “PK’s”, the fallout of kids raised in the church, and those Church leaders children who have experienced the negative impacts ministry can have. Because of these harsh realities, we view our parenting as raising the next generation of missionaries and leaders, and desire them to have a positive view of the Bride of Christ and service of their King.

We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who view these little children as a blessing, not as a burden. Even though we are only a few years into parenting, we are starting to see the fruit of bringing them into our missional lifestyle and intentionally discipling them. This past week, our little toddler joined us on a service project. She pulled weeds alongside mom and “helped” her dad fix a fence. During our Wednesday evening prayer session, she stopped playing to come and lay her little hands on her aunty as we prayed over her for healing. She was so patient and content to just sit, watch, and join us in what we were doing! I believe she is experiencing God and her own desire for Him is beginning.

Our children are watching and learning so much from how we live our lives. I was very encouraged by the beautiful sincerity in my daughters heart as she displayed these simple acts of love. I’m so excited that these things will be a normal part of her childhood! It has reminded me that “the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (NIV) 


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