A Covid19 Update from Jordan Carey in Guatemala City, Guatemala

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I want to start this letter saying thank you to everyone who has been praying. It is in times like these that we must be in constant prayer. We must be brought to our knees and remember to intentionally seek the Lord with all our heart, putting aside the things that so easily distract us. So thank you. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for praying for Guatemala. Thank you for praying for the world.

Just to update those who may not know, we are now entering week 10 of our quarantine, week 10 of not being able to see our youth that we work with and disciple every week. Since we haven’t been able to have our normal daily routine with them, we have been sending them homework on WhatsApp to keep them occupied and learning. We’ve also been buying food and supplies for all of their families that can’t work. Most of these families (families of at least 4, usually much more) live on about 400 quetzales a month which is a little over 50 dollars a month and some families aren’t even meeting that now because they can’t work. We obviously haven’t been able to meet every need, but we are meeting the needs that we can. It is an extreme understatement to say that I miss all of our youth.

As of today May 13 th , we have 1199 cases of Covid19 in Guatemala, 120 recovered, and 27 deaths. We are thankful that we have not been hit as hard as other countries, but grieve over all of the many losses we have seen in countries like Italy, Spain, and the United States. This epidemic is affecting many people’s lives, not just physically, but financially, so we must pray for God’s mercy and help. Life is changing for many of us during these times. It sure is for me! These times are teaching me patience like never before! It’s also been teaching me to pray like never before! With so much free time on my hands I have been able to do so many things that I always have said I wanted to do. At times I have felt a bit of “cabin fever” being inside for long periods of time, but it has been good to seek the Lord and pray and fast while inside.

As some of you may already know, my mom and her friend Eileen visited me back in February for about 2 weeks. They were such a great help in my English class and I was able to learn so many new techniques from them. Their testimonies that they shared were powerful, not leaving many dry eyes among our youth! Having them serve with me in my English class was amazing and I know the youth
learned so many things from them. So a special shout out to my mom and Eileen! Thank you for everything!

I want to end this letter by telling you all something the Lord recently put on my heart. In this pandemic, so many people are without food. These circumstances have moved me to start a Guatemala Covid19 Fund. This could be the beginning of something bigger than I think, depending on what God does with this, in the future it could mean that the resources grow and God will do amazing things wherever He tells me to go to preach the gospel. Many people have already donated and I have already started buying food to give out to families in need! So, please consider this and pray about it to see how God leads you to partner with me in this endeavor. All things must be dedicated to prayer first before they are seen through. Otherwise, our work will be in vain.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. I cherish it so much. May God bless you and return your generosity to you tenfold!

In His Grace,

Jordan Carey

Jordan & Mercedes Carey

Jordan and Mercedes serve in Guatemala City, Guatemala in Zone 6 working with at-risk youth.


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