God Fills My House

I wish that I could adequately describe to you what life is like in my home. Every week it changes. Depending on the needs of

Sufriendo para la gloria de Dios

En 2009, mientras estaba en el ejército, me lesioné durante el entrenamiento. En ese momento no pensé mucho en la lesión y pensé que me

Siendo Intencional

A medida que avanzamos en 2021, estoy aprendiendo más sobre la importancia de priorizar el tiempo familiar. Es tan fácil quedar atrapados en ministerios externos,

Being Intentional

As we continue on in 2021, I am learning more about how important it is to prioritize family time. It is so easy to get

The Art of Staying Productive

Being a part of music ministry during a worldwide pandemic has brought some difficult challenges. For those of you who don’t know me, my name

Driving in the Footsteps of Paul

I can drive to Paphos. Not exactly something I thought I would find myself saying. It’s not one of those Biblical places like Jerusalem or

Do things with people.

The busier our schedules become and the more we have to accomplish on our task list; the harder it becomes hard to spend time with

A House for Home Church

As some of you may know, Garrett and I have made the transition from Final Greetings to leading a home church. It was a drastic


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