Seeing God in the Storm

In reading this week’s verses, I began to see something that I have seen in the past, but never really paid attention to it as

A letter from our Executive Director

For A Jesus Mission this year has been financially difficult. Despite the difficulties however, we are pleased to share that our mission has not altered, but rather we are charging forward on mission. We need your help as we continue…

What is Our Mission In Christ?

Every day people are dying and going to hell around us. I don’t mean to over-generalize every part of the global church in this next

The Trust of the Believing Wife

There’s nothing quite like the experience you have when God speaks and you obey. There have been times in my life that it’s been incredibly

The Contentment of the Bored Wife

The recent quarantine measures have definitely changed how life is right now, but I’ve been able to find contentment in the opportunities God has given me.

Gathering of the bands 2020

The 2020 Gathering of the bands

This last week, for the second year in a row, we held a mini-conference for all of the various touring ministries of AJM. We like to call

2020: Looking to the Future

Since the creation of humanity, the desire of God has been to have a deep, loving relationship with us. Because of sin we are separated

The Miracle of the Praying Wife

God can bring healing in His time and in multiple ways. Here’s a little about my journey to find healing from sickness that I’ve been dealing with fora while.


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