The AJM bands all met in San Diego last month

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In January we held our first annual “Gathering of the Bands”. Calvary Chapel San Diego was gracious enough to host the twenty of us as we gathered from all around to spend the day strategizing, analyzing, and talking through how we go into the world as bands.

Small Giants drove down from Orange County, California. Some of the Final Greetings and Good Friday crew drove down from Portland together, and the rest flew in from their hometowns. Our leadership team from Modesto and Vancouver came into town, and Karissa and Jiross represented the admin team. It truly was an incredible collection of people to put into one room.  Even though we slept very little and talked all day long – I can confidently say this was one of my favorite events of the last year. Personally, I cannot wait for the next one.

The purpose of the gathering was to spend a day looking at how we operate as bands, how we can push each other forward on the mission, and talking through the many challenges of being touring musicians that raise support.

We spent the day gathered around a whiteboard learning from each other.
We laughed a lot.
We tackled heavy subjects.
We examined our internal cultures.
We talked about stewardship and money.
We made plans for future tours.
Then we went to get tacos.

At the end of the day, we all left tired and overloaded with information, yet I cannot wait until next year.

If you are interested in having one of these bands come to your church or event, contact them. It will be hard to find a group of musicians more dedicated to the mission than these guys.

Check out the video above. If you are a musician looking for a way to get involved with A Jesus Mission, fill out the form on and we will be in contact shortly! There is always someplace to get involved as we go on A Jesus Mission.

Andy Ziesemer

Andy serves as the President of AJM, traveling to support missionaries and teams around the world.


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