There are only a few hours left!

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Your generosity has helped send us into the world this year, despite the chaos of 2020. Thank you.

Now, we’re working to raise another $10,000 in monthly giving, to help bring us back to the operating budget A Jesus Mission needs as we head into 2021.

There are only a few hours left to give and have it be counted in your 2020 receipts. Giving online lets us put your support right to work, but if you prefer to give by check or another method, they need to be dated by today.

If you want to watch a video about our year-end needs, check out this one on youtube.

To read the letter from Pierce (our Executive Director) detailing our financial situation as the year ends, check out this blog post.

To those of you who’ve already given. THANK YOU. We cannot wait to begin sharing how God is on the move as we head into the new year. (We’ve just launched a new podcast, where we will frequently be interviewing the missionaries we’re sending, and other people we work with who are changing the world. Subscribe to it on Apple or Spotify!)

Please feel free to email me if you have questions, or would like to talk further about ways you can give to support A Jesus Mission.

Thank you.

~ Andy Ziesemer

Andy Ziesemer

Andy serves as the President of AJM, traveling to support missionaries and teams around the world.


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