Today: an update on our response in Europe

As frequently as possible we will bring you brief updates about the progress of our response to the crisis in Eastern Europe. This Sunday I will be flying from LAX to Budapest to provide as much backup and aid to those serving the refugees as possible. A part of our role will be to asses our efforts alongside the local churches in Hungary.

Lisa Collins, who worked with the refugees for more than two years after the 2015 crisis will also be arriving to Budapest to join us. We will be spending our time alongside Doug & Marcis Ziesemer (my brother), Abbe & Barna (AJM missionaries who live in Budapest), and those serving from local churches. Our goal will be to establish a longer term plan alongside them for how to mobilize people and aid in the most effective way possible in Hungary.

supplies up to a town called Dorohoi, in north eastern Romania. This is where we have put some of your giving to immediate affect, and will be assembling around one hundred beds for evacuees. We are purchasing the mats, blankets, towels, toiletries, heaters, and anything else we can to make that location as warm and comfortable as possible.

To the south, we are establishing a “home base” for our team in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We are currently partnering with a YWAM base there to serve refugees as they make their way inland from the Ukranian border. We will be securing an apartment or Airbnb in the coming days where our team members and anyone we mobilize to the region can stay during this time.

We have been blown away at your response to this moment. Although we have raised tens of thousands of dollars, we would ask you to continue giving. Even if it is just $20, it is doing vital work. As fast as we raise this support, we are putting it to the field.


  • $40,000 to purchase at least three Vehicles. We cannot rent vans to do the tasks we are doing, and every personal vehicle is already being used. We need to immediately purchase a few larger vans in Romania. These will be used to transport aid to the appropriate cities, move refugees inland toward transit centers or lodging, and evacuation trips. 
  • $10,000 to fill up gas tanks as our teams move people and aid around the region. Gas is about $6.50 per gallon in Romania at the moment.
  • $10,000 for basic aid supplies. As fast as we can purchase food, water, blankets, diapers, and baby formula, it will be distributed. People crossing the borders have nothing in hand, and a massive part of this relief effort is the distribution of these essentials. These supplies will be distributed at the train station in Budapest as people arrive, taken to the refugee housing we’re helping build out, or distributed as we find anybody in need.
  • PEOPLE. We are being asked for specific types of help in various regions throughout Europe. Our admin team has a great process in place for organizing and deploying capable people to meet the needs as we learn about them. Fill out this form if you’re able to go serve anytime in the next six months.

Please give generously today.

Andy Ziesemer
President of A Jesus Mission