Why I care less and less every day…

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Things that used to matter to me, now don’t at all. Things that once drove me, now often frustrate me. Those things I used to deem a necessity for daily life, I find I couldn’t care less about today. Let me explain.

My perspective has changed drastically over the last 5 years of travel and ministry. I have learned to live for months on end out of a single piece of 20-inch luggage maxed out at 12 kilos. I can get a great nights sleep on a floor anywhere in the world and it doesn’t seem strange to wake up confused about what country I am in. I have thousands of people I would consider my friends, but a very select few with whom I can relate to about daily life. In reality, it doesn’t matter how many stories you tell or pictures you show your friends when you return home; it will always be a strangely solitary lifestyle which we lead. (This, however, has resulted in one specific area of growth I am glad of. We have truly learned to cherish the moments in time with our family and friends that used to be taken for granted because they are few and far between.)

I have come to see that around the world, all of the problems people face are exactly the same — they are just experienced and realized in different ways. I go home to my neighborhood now after traveling for months at a time, having seen both the richest and the poorest of people. I’ve seen things that my neighbors will never understand. So, when I overhear people complaining at a coffee shop about how rough their life is over a five-dollar latte and pastry, it can be hard for me to stomach. Trust me, I get it. Their perspective is different, and their life is actually really hard inside the context in which they live. But my struggle is that so many of those things which we care so much about have no eternal value whatsoever. None.

What I find has happened in my life is that I care less now about things which once were my sole motivation. I spend less time caring about what I own and how I acquire it. I care less about securing my future and more about the eternal security of those I encounter. What matters now is that people all around me are living lives filled with hopelessness, which pays no respect to their level of income. It matters not what community they are in or what language they speak. They ALL have the same need. They ALL need to know two things; who Jesus is and why it matters for them.

That’s why I have come to care less and less every day.
Because some things just matter more than others.

What matters to you?

Andy Ziesemer

Andy serves as the President of AJM, traveling to support missionaries and teams around the world.


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