Chris Denlinger

Missionary to Modesto, California


Modesto, California

Hey friends –
My parents adopted me from Calcutta, India and raised me in a Christian home alone with their six children (my three younger sisters are also adopted). It wasn’t until high school that I made my faith in Jesus my own.
In 2020 I began serving at my church as their worship leader. It’s small yet growing body that has given me so many opportunities for growth ! From developing rotating worship teams and coordinating sound and media for our Sunday services and mid week gatherings and special events- there’s always something going on. Through this personal growth came the concept and now ongoing worship nights called Unity nights !
As a partner with AJM, I am so excited to see the vision of Unity nights and collective gatherings of believers from multiple locations continue to grow. The goal is simple: a body of believers laying aside differences and worshiping Jesus – United !
All donations go towards making Unity nights possible!