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Unite The Mission: House Churches

Unite The Mission

A network of house churches united on A Jesus Mission to equip the found and find the lost.

Uniting Biblical Churches Around The World

Equip The Found

Regardless if we meet in a living room, driveway, bar, coffee shop, or church facility, we gather together and help those called to lead the church.

Find The Lost

We help church leaders be equipped to share the Gospel in their neighborhoods. Our churches help build disciples that focus on finding the lost and spreading the ministry to new neighborhoods.

Unite The Mission

We stand united by the Gospel in one mission–to share the hope of the Gospel to the world. We are united with you and your church to accomplish the mission of Christ.

Find A House Church Near You

Being The Church

“Imagine you find yourself stranded on a desert island with nothing but a copy of the Bible. You have no experience with Christianity whatsoever, and all you know about the Church will come from your reading of the Bible. How would you imagine a church to function? Seriously. Close your eyes for two minutes and try to picture Church as you would know it. Now think about your current church experience. Is it even close? Can you live with that?”
– Francis Chan, Letters to the Church (pg.9)

We have an extremely hard time in America interpreting the bible through the lens of what we know. So much so, that most people don’t realize that every time the word “church” is used in the bible, it never refers to a building, but rather to a group of people. We don’t go to church , but rather as the Church , we live missional lives modeling the example of Christ. The New Testament is composed of countless stories involving believers that were actively living out their professed faith in Christ. James calls us to be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves (James 1:22, CSB).

Due to this cultural misconception of Church as something we go to, rather than something we are, we have diminished the transformative work of the Cross and the regeneration of our souls to a 90 minute gathering. Much can be learned from the life of Christ. In His 3 years of ministry, we see him constantly equipping his core followers, and occasionally teaching the masses. In addition to this, we read in Luke 19:10, Jesus says, For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost.

These two formative traits of equipping the saints and seeking those that are lost is vital to the Christian walk. Our times we gather are sweet, but they are pointless apart from living out the mission of Christ. In Unite the Mission, our purpose is to ”equip the found and find the lost.”

We are focused on vulnerability & transparency
There’s no getting around it. We are called to live in fellowship with each other. It actually becomes life-giving to be vulnerable amongst others who are bonded and united in the same Spirit.

We are becoming “Suffering Servants”
Biblical discipleship often requires sacrifice and suffering, but our comfort is in knowing that as we come to know and love God, His commands are not burdensome.

We have a set of Central Beliefs
By uniting behind the mission of Christ, AJM has chosen to not take a stand on the non-essential differences we find in Christianity. If you believe these central truths, we can work together for the sake of the Gospel.

We are the Church
We don’t “go to church”. Instead, we live missional lives as the church, modeling the example of Christ.

We Meet in Homes & At City Gates
We don’t limit the church to the building it meets in. Instead, we focus on simple gatherings where people live their lives. In homes and public places.

We have become a Royal Priesthood & Spiritual House
We want to vibrantly live out what’s displayed in Scripture. Together we are being built into a spiritual house for the purpose of knowing and loving God, loving other people, and in doing so, fulfilling our mission.

We’re building a Culture of Discipleship
Relationships require effort and time. Though relational discipleship we partake in living our purpose as laid out by the Great Commission.

We are instilling a Heart of Multiplication
Church planting is NOT the mission. Making disciples is. We would rather send them out early and trust the Spirits guidance than hold onto them too long.

We Help House Churches Thrive

One of the biggest challenges that house churches face is a lack of resources. Our heart is to give house churches the necessary infrastructure to thrive, while also giving them the necessary freedoms that are so often why House Churches started to begin with. In addition to this, we also are a community of other house church planters that are focused on the elements that unite us rather than the division that is so prevalent all over. Included in this is our annual House Church Conference (Coming 2021).

How To Start A House Church

1. Let's Talk

The first step to starting your house church with A Jesus Mission is for us to discuss what God is calling you to and learn what your heart is for your neighborhood.

2. Apply

If your vision matches our central values, we'll have you fill out an application. This provides all the details we need to connect you to our house church network.

3. Launch Church

Finally, once we finish the administration details, we will celebrate the work God is doing and officially welcome you to our church network.


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