Coffee For Good

A coffee ministry that sells craft coffee and supports missionaries on A Jesus Mission around the world.

About Coffee For Good

As partners of A Jesus Mission, our aim is to use whatever resources and passions we have for GOOD. Coffee is the method we use to further the good work, but the message never changes. Jesus came to seek the lost and equip the found, and we plan to continue this mission through Kingdom: Coffee for Good.

 Our coffee truck will be an incredible ministry tool to see this mission come to life bringing the Good News to people at local events, parks and even being our tool to share the Gospel to the homeless community by providing free coffee and offering prayer and conversation.

Coffee For Good FAQ

100% of the profits go towards missions for good around the globe.

We carefully considered where to source our coffee beans and are proud to partner with Lanna Coffee Roasters in Fresno, California. Our beans are purchased directly from them, and they buy their coffee direct trade from Thailand, ethically sourced from farms they are partnered with. Fun fact, Lanna uses the money we purchase our beans with to build wells in Thailand!

For us, selling coffee is a unique way to raise funds for missions. Since you are receiving a product, only the costs above market value is eligible for a write-off. For more information, send us an email.

Of course! Just log on to your account, and you can edit the details of your subscription. Your information will be saved for when you decide to come back.

Yes. We’re 100% a voluntary run operation. That means we all survive financially by working elsewhere. We’ve launched this ministry as a collective of people who love Jesus and believe He can use coffee to impact the world.

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