As one of the very first countries that AJM ever served in, our heart for the country of France has only grown in recent years. It’s citizens frequently come under attack by enemies. Not only to the plots of terrorists and those who desire harm but to the lies of the enemy and the false hope of security they place in their social and financial constructs. While we find that many resist the good news, others rejoice at hearing it. We celebrate as we’ve watched our friends, musicians, and sent missionaries serve in cities like Paris, Vernon, and Nice for the last decade. Because there are indeed people coming to know Christ. Our missionaries and teams regularly serve around the country, helping local churches to declare the good news and aiming to push them forward as they serve people on both sides of the financial spectrum. Be it a refugee without a euro in his pocket, or a wealthy statesman – the Gospel changes the course of any who believe in it. So we serve at all ends of these disparities, knowing the Gospel in France brings all people to the foot of the cross equally broken.

Jordan & Mercedes Carey
Jordan Carey


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