Pastoral Team

Daniel Pape

Daniel serves on our Pastoral Team, helping guide theology and spiritual growth.

My Jesus Mission

Serving AJM as a board member since 2014, Daniel is passionate about our mission of saving the lost and equipping the found. He has aided in the development of the AJM Gospel Trade School while also teaching as one of the GTS instructors. In his other ministry, he has been leading worship in one form or another since his college days and is passionate about all forms of worship, music, and being in the presence of God. He is married to Melissa and they have three children; Isaiah, Ian, and Elanor. Prior to serving at AJM, the Pape family served as missionaries to the Asia-Pacific Region living in Manila, Philippines.

My Role at AJM:
↳ Pastoral Team
AJM Pastoral Board
Gospel Trade School Teacher
Local Pastor in Colorado
↳ Fort Collins, CO, USA
Gathering of the bands 2020
Andy Ziesemer

The 2020 Gathering of the bands

This last week, for the second year in a row, we held a mini-conference for all of the various touring ministries of AJM. We like to call

Andy Ziesemer

2020: Looking to the Future

Since the creation of humanity, the desire of God has been to have a deep, loving relationship with us. Because of sin we are separated


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