Diana Westfall

Missionary Care Director


Oakdale, California

From 2013 through 2018, Diana and her husband (Pierce) traveled with their children throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America doing music and service projects alongside local churches for the sake of advancing the Gospel. Since leaving their touring ministry in 2018, they now help to oversee various aspects of A Jesus Mission.

Diana spends most of her time in either one-on-one or group discipleship meetings. The focal points of those meetings vary – from crisis response, biblical counseling, or general life-on-life conversations, to leadership development, organization and processes, or oversight/accountability meetings – depending on the needs of the people involved.

The Westfall’s have two children: Faye and Ember. 

You can support them by giving on this page!

Support given to their travel budget allows the Westfall’s to provide both routine and crisis response care to AJM missionaries. Their ministry budget goes directly toward local leadership development and missionary care efforts, as well as what they give to help other missionaries and their ministries.

The miscellaneous budget on this page designates a general missionary care budget for A Jesus Mission. This fund covers tangible care missionaries are often in need of, including: therapy fees, re-entry housing costs, meals in times of crisis, travel costs for intensive care/restoration, missionary care gatherings, and yearly care conferences, etc. 

If you have any questions about how finances become tangible care for the missionaries in A Jesus Mission, please don’t hesitate to email Diana. She would love to talk more about how the concept of care is applied and why AJM prioritizes this so heavily.


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