Eva Peterson

Eva will be serving in Romania helping with Ukraine refugee aid

Eva Peterson

Missionary to Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Not having a good background when I was younger I was still taken to church. I didn’t understand how my home life was different than what was being preached. Living in and out of houses and in and out of lifestyles I was completely lost. As I got adopted by my pastor and his wife I was able to see the true love of Christ through there actions towards me and towards each other. Seeing what the Christian life is suppose to look like in our everyday life and not just on Sundays and Wednesdays I was able to dive deeper in and understand who I am in Christ and who Christ is to me. Knowing that and truly finding my purpose here on earth which is to be a voice for the voiceless and truly open up to show people the love of God. Allow a safe place to open up and learn how to gain there voice back. To be a advocate for those who need it. As I went to Romania where AJM was planted to provide aid I just grew to love there community and the organization they have planted here. My goal for my time there and my time to come with AJM is to help refugees have a voice but until then stand in place for them helping in whatever capacity that is. From holding hands of a woman who has lost her hole family to helping drive vans of supply’s into Ukraine. In whatever capacity I will say here I am Lord Send Me. (Isaiah 6:8)

Fundraising Goal: $2,200 /mo.


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