Oakdale Head Quarters Base Directors

Bernardo & Brenda Fernandez

Bernardo and Brenda serve as base directors for the A Jesus Mission head quarters in Oakdale, CA.

My Jesus Mission

I was born and raised in California, but also briefly lived in Michoacan, Mexico and then in Yakima, Washington with my parents and siblings. As an adult, I have been blessed to be married and to raise a family, both of which have helped me to understand God’s love and what my character strengths and weaknesses are. My hobbies include; baking, painting, crafts, photography and spending time outdoors. My most favorites include; spending time with my family, learning God’s Word, fellowship, helping others and trying new foods at restaurants.

I am so grateful to God, for His saving grace, for being chosen to be saved, to have received the Holy Spirit, and to be able to freely learn and share the Good News of Jesus Christ! Growing up, my family and I would regularly attend Sunday Mass. Then in my early 20’s, I attended a local non denominational church with my sister and her family. There, I heard a Bible passage, John 15 1-17, which forever changed how I viewed God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, as well as how my life had a purpose and meaning. After about 5 years from hearing that Bible passage, I asked to be baptized. Since then, my life has never been the same. Everyday, I am grateful to God for choosing me to be saved, redeemed, forgiven, and set free. As I grow in His Word, I am better able to share with others, what I have learned and where my hope comes from.

My 2020 Support Needs: $40,800 

Support Raised 25%

Living Expenses: $28,800

Housing, food, gas, phone, etc.

Travel Budget: $4,000

Conferences, plane tickets, etc.

Ministry Budget: $6,000

Covering needs of the people we serve

Other Costs: $2,000

Vehicle & medical insurancesOutreach Budget

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P.O. Box 872601
Vancouver, WA 98607
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My Role at AJM:
↳ Oakdale Head Quarters Base Directors
Church Plant
Pastoral Development
↳ Oakdale, CA, USA
Bernardo Fernandez

Being the Church in a time of Crisis

We were having service in our Oakdale church when an elder said, “Why don’t we consider buying canned goods and nonperishables to provide for our


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