Gabe Montanez

Gabe serves in Ukraine alongside fellow AJM missionaries assisting in aid and supply runs to the Ukrainian people

Gabe Montanez

Missionary to Ukraine

My name is Gabriel. Growing up and all through school I had many struggles but most of them were internal. Dealing with depression many times, living a double life, and having uprooted identity were just a few of the things that were keeping me from growing in my relationship with the Lord. (That is, if I wasn’t trying to push him away voluntarily.) I always knew Jesus, but not until 2019 did I decide to follow Him with everything. That was definitely the right decision, what can I say!  I decided to pursue a life on the mid term mission field and am currently leaning towards finding a place to serve more long term – for the time being (and maybe much more time to come), I have decided to partner with AJM in Eastern Europe.

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