Michael & Patricia Hayward

Home Church Support Network Directors



Michael and Patricia were both raised in the church, and both decided they could believe in God and live life their own way. They met, bought into a version of love that suited them, got engaged, and watched it slowly fall apart. While separated, Patricia encountered the mercy and grace of Jesus and decided to begin living for Him. As part of that she reconciled with Michael and invited him to her new church. There, Michael was reminded of the truths he was raised with and also decided to learn to live for Jesus.

30 years later Michael and Patricia find themselves with 6 kids, a 5 acre farm, and a desire to connect people and families with the love and truth of Jesus. They host farm camps and other events where kids can work, play, learn, and grow… and experience the mercy and grace of God. Before they moved from northern California to Tennessee in 2022, they hosted a small home church group and are building a community with the same intent in their new home.

Michael and Patricia recently joined A Jesus Mission to serve as Home Church Support Network directors. Michael served as Lead Pastor to Faith Community Church in Rohnert Park, CA from 2004 – 2022 and Tricia has her background in early childhood education and has served as Children’s Ministry Director, VBS Director, she has taught piano from the home, and currently teaches a music and art class for kids on the farm. With AJM, the Haywards hope to connect with, encourage, and equip home church leaders and prospective home church leaders across the United States and around the world as they reach their communities with the Good News of God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration.


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