Host A Jesus Mission at your church

Connecting your local church to missionaries around the world.

Inspire your church to support missions around the world.

Equip The Found

Whether we are using Rock 'N' Roll or teaching the Sunday morning sermon, we prepare your community with the tools to share the Gospel.

Find The Lost

When we come to your city, our bands and speakers always point towards the simple Gospel of Jesus to reach non-believers in your community.

Unite The Mission

Together, your local church can actively help send people around the world to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through missionary work.

Host A Speaker

Partnership with the local church is vital to advance the Gospel.

Would you let us come and share about A Jesus Mission and teach what the Word says about mission at your church? We truly desire to see the local church stand behind missions and hope to equip them in supporting missionaries around the world and within their own cites. Our directors want to meet with you and talk about how we can partner in the mission of Christ.

Since 2006, Andy has toured the world with the rock band “The New Divide” for the sole focus of working alongside churches to share the hope of the Gospel. Andy has played music, taught the Bible, and worked alongside missionaries in more than thirty countries.

As a speaker, it is the hope of the Gospel that drives Andy. His passion is to see new missionaries engaged in the work God’s called them to, uninhibited by typical structures which prevent people from simply responding in obedience to the call on their life.

Pierce Westfall

Executive Director

For the last 7 years, Pierce, his wife Diana, and their two kids, Faye (7) and Ember (4) have been traveling throughout the USA, the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America doing music and service projects alongside local churches for the sake of advancing the Gospel.

Pierce now has a goal to help develop and equip new missionaries, plant and revitalize churches, as well as help reshape how churches can better care for their missionaries serving globally. As a speaker, his focus is to point people back to the person of Jesus and the mission that rests upon all believers.

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