Jacquelyn Schmucker



Prishtina, Kosovo

My story is one of healing from sickness, joy from sorrow. After you’ve experienced the goodness of God, you love to share it!

Mental battle has been my nemesis. Social anxiety, eating disorder, fear, and control – they were all coping methods to try to deal with intense mind games. Over the years God has taught me how to overcome the lies of the enemy and live LOVED. It’s still a walk I’m learning.

I love to talk about Jesus while sitting with a friend over a macchiato. I want to hear their heart, because they have a story to tell. When I heard of the unique opportunity Newborn Brew provides to do just that, I was hooked. Maybe it’s in serving them a mocha. Maybe it’s in hearing their heart. I’m so excited to serve the beautiful people of Kosovo, and share the truth of Jesus.