Jacquelyn Schmucker

Jacquelyn serves in Prishtina, Kosovo alongside AJM missionaries at New Born Brew cafe in the heart of the city

Jacquelyn Schmucker


I struggled with fear from a young age, despite being raised in a Christian home. It led to a need to control. I obsessed over food, exercise – my life!
There was an outpouring of love and prayer on me, even in my broken state. Slowly I stopped fighting back, and accepted that I needed help. And I knew I needed Jesus to do it.
He showed me how to start living a life redeemed, and loved!

My heart is to speak that truth and hope to those around me. I’ve had the opportunity to sing with my parents in churches and prisons. Seeing a person touched by Jesus is the best thing, because knowing Him is eternal life.

I’m going to Kosovo with the heart to serve the body of Christ there. I’m excited to serve the community, as barista or in other ways. And my prayer is for hope and light to reach the hearts of these people!


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