Jenissa Gonzalez

Jenissa serves alongside the team in Modesto and Oakdale, California

Jenissa Gonzalez

Missionary to California

Jenissa Gonzalez was in Cluj-Napoca, Romania to help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis from May to September of 2022. While there, she helped run the children’s program to share the gospel and love of Christ with the young refugees who have settled in Romania. She also cared for incoming refugees who have fled Ukraine, whether that be serving them a meal or simply being someone they can share their stories as they transition. After this, she returned to the valley to serve at a missions base in Oakdale, California to focus on learning about missionary care and discipleship along with serving in various ways in the community.

UPDATE: I will be heading back overseas on March 22, 2023 until the last week of May! I have the opportunity to go to Romania and Kosovo alongside one of our local missionary families as an au pair! I will be helping them homeschool and childcare so they can have important meetings with our international missionaries along with the other work I will share about below🔽 While in Romania I plan on reconnecting with the church I served with last year, Deo Gloria!! I am eager to serve alongside them again while also supporting our missionaries that have recently moved to Cluj-Napoca! One of whom is having a baby any day now 🙂 A few of the Ukrainian families I met last year are still in Romania, so I hope to have the opportunity to pour into the kids and parents again! We also plan on going into Ukraine to see more of our missionaries who have been doing work there since last year! I am thrilled to see the work they are doing and meet people they have built relationships with! After a few weeks in Romania/Ukraine, we will head to Pristine, Kosovo where Newborn Brew is!! I am connected with the team there and plan on jumping right into serving with them at the coffee shop and investing in students and young adults who frequent Newborn Brew. The Kosovo team focuses on community outreach and they seek out real deep conversations with people even if we do not believe the same things and may live very different lives. Kosovo is a primarily Muslim country so it is beautiful to see such an openness to hear and understand each other. My trip there last year was only for 5 days so I am very excited to spend more time with everyone there. I am asking you to come alongside me in prayer and support as I take this trip. I have a fundraising goal of $3000 in order to cover my finances at home(rent, car payments, and other monthly fees) and also the cost of food and local travel while I am overseas. I have been blessed by the family I am going with as they have covered the cost of my flights there!! Thank you in advance!

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