Kalea Rineholt

Kalea is a part of the band Small Giants, using photography and videography to serve

Kalea Rineholt


I grew up in Southern California in a non-Christian home until God saved and transformed my family when I was in Jr. High. My mom signed me up for a winter camp and that’s where I began to understand and form a relationship with Jesus. In high school, I began to struggle with depression, anxiety, suicide, and self-harm, but God continues to heal me and remind me of the good plan and purpose He has for my life. I now work with the band Small Giants handling photography, videography, merchandise, and other administrative tasks. Our heart is mainly focused around youth as we play and counsel at different churches and camps. We share God’s love through music, conversations, and simply having fun with whoever we meet wherever we go. In my life, I have gone on five total missions trips to Uganda, Guatemala, and Mexico. I has also been involved with Jr. High and High School ministry for over four years as a worship leader and counselor.

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