Keana Miller

Lead Administrator


Oakdale, California


“Having been on many short-term mission trips throughout her life and being born on the mission field in Swaziland, now Eswatini, Keana has always felt a tug towards the mission field. For some time, she didn’t know what she’d be involved in or how it would even be realistic for her. At the age of 14, on a mission trip to West Africa, she saw how so many missionaries were sent out and not taken care of beyond monthly financial support. Missionaries were lacking deep community and support from home, they had no counseling services, and very often had no one to uplift them. The Lord grew in her a heart for burnt-out missionaries and their families. He clearly told her on that trip that she would be involved with caring for missionaries around the world. 

Five years later, in 2017, she joined A Jesus Mission and saw how she could walk out the words God had spoken to her by being a critical part of a missionary care organization. Since then, she has jumped in as needed to fill holes while AJM has grown as an organization. She’s done everything from working with the Dominican team to watching kids at the HQ so everyone could work throughout the week. These days, she oversees donor management and leads the administrative team. While this is a seemingly “unconventional” way of caring to some people, her work in helping missionaries get their support on time, helping donors navigate the website, and being available for questions and casual care is truly a fulfillment of God’s words to her as a young girl on a short term mission trip. Beyond this, Keana oversees the development of a local coffee ministry and is an active part of her local church community, engaging in routine discipleship gatherings and opportunities to serve those around her.”