Music Missionary with Final Greetings

Kyle Tanuma

Kyle is a full-time missionary with the band Final Greetings.

My Jesus Mission

Growing up in a stable, Christian home, Kyle developed a love for writing and performing music. He had claimed to know Christ most of his life, but as his skills improved, Kyle went through his early years of adulthood searching for success in the music scene. He sought after so many different things that he believed would satisfy. Kyle went on this way for a couple years until he had enough, desperate for God’s redeeming love. Kyle decided he would allow Jesus Christ to receive full lordship over his life.

Kyle traveled on the road with Cadence Please from 2016 to 2018. He now co-leads Final Greetings. Over the time that he has spent in band ministry, Kyle has learned much about God’s faithfulness. From running into a cow on an Arizona highway and totaling the Final Greetings van, to resolving conflicts in the band; from sharing about Jesus in front of rooms full of strangers, to having financial needs that were covered in the most unlikely of ways; God has proven Himself to Kyle every time. 

My 2020 Support Needs: $1,000 Monthly 

Support Raised 44%

Living Expenses: $400

This covers Kyle's personal needs such as toiletries, clothing, music gear, etc.

Travel Budget: $250

This covers costs for Kyle to be part of the band, flights and gas.

Ministry Budget: $250

This covers the costs for Kyle to be a part of the band, housing, food, and insurance.

Other Costs: $100

Administration costs and personal insurance. Outreach Budget

Support Kyle By Mail:

A Jesus Mission
P.O. Box 872601
Vancouver, WA 98607
*Write “Kyle Tanuma” on the memo line

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My Role at AJM:
↳ Music Missionary with Final Greetings
Music Missionary
Final Greetings
Electric Guitar
↳ Eureka, CA, USA


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