Music Missionaries with Final Greetings

Garrett & Alissa Larsen

Garrett serves as drummer and Alissa serves as lead vocalist for Final Greetings.

Our Jesus Mission

Choosing to join A Jesus Mission, Garrett is using his gift of drumming for the band, Final Greetings. Desiring to find those who are lost and stubborn and show them a life achievable only through listening to what God wants for them, Garrett wants to teach others to let go and allow God to be in control of their life. God has guided Garrett to take the experiences he has gone through and used them to glorify Him.

Two desires on Alissa’s heart is to build up those around her in their ministry and to help those going through difficult times to know that they are not alone. Through some difficult times of her own, God has helped her place her foundation in Him and desires to point others to Him whether that be through musical training, mentoring, or friendship. Leaving everything behind, Alissa joins Final Greetings with her husband, Garrett, as a vocalist.

Our 2020 Support Needs: $50,000 

Support Raised 25%

Living Expenses: $18,000

This budget is for housing in the area, food, local transportation, insurance, etc.

Travel Budget: $11,000

This covers flights, lodging, and other unforeseen expenses during mission trips, gatherings, and international ministry.

Ministry Budget: $11,000

This helps provide ministry resources for local church projects and more.

Other Costs: $10,000

This budget helps provide for outreach, short-term mission trips, and evangelism costs.

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Our Role at AJM:
↳ Music Missionaries with Final Greetings
Final Greetings
Lead Vocalist
↳ Portland, OR, USA
Alissa Larsen

The Trust of the Believing Wife

There’s nothing quite like the experience you have when God speaks and you obey. There have been times in my life that it’s been incredibly

Alissa Larsen

The Contentment of the Bored Wife

The recent quarantine measures have definitely changed how life is right now, but I’ve been able to find contentment in the opportunities God has given me.


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