Liridon & Albina Mehmeti



Prishtina, Kosovo

Me and my wife are children of war. That era of our lives created many misconceptions in us about Jesus and Christianity that God has slowly healed as time went by. He brought us to Christ in seperate cities, and then brought us together by his wonderful grace. This year we are starting the Christian Digital Ministry in Kosovo, which aims to bring Jesus-centered content to believers and unbelievers alike. We aim to do this through high-quality videos that present the gospel in a relevant and up-to-date way. A podcast is also on the way, and a novel too. We truly believe there is a whole world online that needs as much Jesus as possible, and me and Albina want to fulfill our part in that effort, with the few gifts that we have been trusted by our Lord. Our 7 year experience serving with Cru International among students in Prishtina will surely be of great value. There has been so much that God has taught us through successes and failures, that we believe are going to impact our efforts in the digital ministry. Of course, we want to use the online world only as a means to bring us closer to people who we might never be able to meet in the street, or the campus. God has given each one of us an amazing tool in this generation, and we pray that God will get the glory through everything that will be done online in the years to come.