European Outreach Tour

Go into the world with us on a 100-day festival style tour across Europe.

June - August 2021


Cost: $7,500

European Outreach Tour

Spend three weeks at a castle in the mountains of Austria being equipped by veterans of rock-n-roll, excellent Bible teachers, and seasoned missionaries before heading out to share the Gospel in city centers, pubs, and churches. Experience life on the road with us as you tour in a van, setup and tear down a stage, and travel from city to city sharing the hope of the Gospel through service projects and live music.


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Do I need to play an instrument?
No! We will have a number of roles to fill for this tour. Musicians, singers, sound and lighting engineers, equipment management, and more. If this interests you at all, apply, and let’s talk about what role you could fill for this tour!

Is there an age limit on the tour?
Participants can be under 18 years old to apply, but we need you to be 18 or older by the time you arrive in Europe to be a part of the tour!

Will there be an audition?
Yes – if you hope to tour as a musician or singer we will require a video submission that will be followed up with an assessment of your musical abilities. Musicians will be paired into full bands that match your skillset and musical goals.

Will I need to know certain songs?
Yes. After your band is put together, you will be given a number of songs to memorize for the tour. You will also work to write new songs for your band during the time you spend at the castle.

Do I need a passport or a visa?
Yes. You will need a passport – but the 90-day visitor visa that you get when you land in Europe will suffice for this tour. We will spend part of the tour outside of the “Schengen zone” which means you can stay in Europe for the entire 100 days.

Where will we be sleeping?
You’ll begin staying at a castle and conference center in Austria… then some nights we will sleep in a church, other nights in a host home. Sometimes you may sleep in an Airbnb, and other nights you may end up in a hotel. Be flexible and ready for anything. Being on tour means you could end up literally anywhere…

What airport will I fly into?
Either in Salzburg, Austria or Venice, Italy.


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