Missionary Care Gatherings

Join us as we unite together for a time of fellowship and restoration at an upcoming missionary care gathering.

Many of us know someone who has been called by God to the mission field–only to watch them come home early. They were tired, hurt, and removed from where God placed them because of something that probably could have been prevented.

Our missionary care gatherings are one of the many ways we support our missionaries, providing them a time to heal, fellowship, and relax so they can continue on A Jesus Mission.

Gatherings FAQ

Our gatherings are designed to equip AJM Missionaries and team members to grow as we live on mission together. We invite non-AJM team members who are interested in what the Lord is doing with AJM, have a heart or interest in serving as a missionary, or want to learn how to live on mission daily.

Our goal for these conferences is to equip the found, so we can go and serve the lost.

What are missionary care gatherings?
We believe that the more frequently we can push each other forward in person, the longer we can and will remain engaged in the work we are called to. A Missionary Care Gathering is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of like-minded missionaries gathering to care for one another.

Do I have to be an AJM Missionary?
No. All are welcome.

Why are they in Mexico and Germany?
We gather together in Mexico because it is easier for many of our team to get visa’s and travel permission to Mexico than to the USA. Also, it is centrally located for almost all of those who serve anywhere in North or South America.

We gather in Germany because it is centrally located for most people serving throughout Europe. Flights to Frankfurt airport are frequently cheap, and because everybody loves German food.

What is the format?
Semi-formal. We mostly just hang out for a week together, but every morning and evening we have incredible Bible teachers taking us through contextualized messages that equip us to continue on mission.

Europe Missionary Gathering


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