Kingdom Coffee

A specialty coffee shop coming to Modesto, California.

Coming Soon…

Kingdom Coffee is launching as a cafe, venue, and coffee roastery this fall in Modesto, California. The shop will be 100% volunteer-run, with 100% of the profits going to projects which further the Kingdom of God around the world. 

Stimulate A Culture of Generosity

The coffee shop will be 100% volunteer run, with 100% of the profits going towards missional endeavors that the community (the Lost) and the missionaries (the Found) running KC find common ground on a need to be generous towards. This will likely include current projects in AJM such as freeing slaves in Pakistan or providing critical aid to the frontlines in Ukraine, but it is not limited to them. These shared areas of compassion between the Found and the Lost will also aid us in building authentic relationships.

Share The Hope of The Gospel

In Luke 19, we read that “the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” As followers of Jesus, it is imperative that His mission becomes ours in very intentional ways. “Seek” requires work, and we believe the work of cultivating authentic relationships and letting our light shine before the world through generosity will compel thousands of people to look to know Jesus over the years through Kingdom Coffee.

Cultivate A Life Giving Space

Modesto has a very limited number of businesses designed around facilitating community outside of gyms, bars, and churches. Our heart is to have a building that is large enough to encourage people to linger and not be rushed. This is key to our unique vision of reaching a culture that endlessly revolves around hurry. Slowing down is what will lead to authentic relationships amongst people of all ways and thoughts of life.