Mission Cities: USA

Serve The Found & Find The Lost

June - August 2021

United States

Cost: $1,600

Mission Cities: USA

Spend six weeks traveling with us from city to city across the United States sharing the hope of the Gospel through hands-on projects. We are going into the world to serve with local churches and to find the lost through outreach. There are no special experience or skills needed for this trip; only a willingness to get your hands dirty, a heart to serve the body of Christ, and a passion to share the Gospel of Jesus to all!


Food & Lodging
All of your food, water, and lodging will be provided for the duration of your mission trip.
Ground Transportation
We provide all ground transportation, including airport pickup and dropoff. Flights are not included.
Ministry & Outreach Supplies
We provide all supplies for any ministry and outreach during your trip.
Travelers Insurance
In case something anything goes wrong, we’ll have trip insurance to cover it.


Do I need a passport?
Not if you are a US citizen.

What airport will I fly to/from?
You will need to arrive at Portland International Airport (Airport code PDX) on Thursday, June 18th, 2020. You will depart from PDX on August 1st, 2020.

Will there be transportation from the airport?
Yes! We will have a van doing airport pickups and drop-offs!

Where will we be sleeping?
Some nights we will sleep in churches, other nights in host homes, other nights we might be in Airbnb style homes… Be flexible and ready for anything. Being on tour means you could end up literally anywhere.

What cities will we be going to?
More information to come soon… but we will go to cities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado. And maybe a couple of others!

Why is it called Mission Cities?
Mission C.I.T.I.E.S. stands for: Churches Involved Together In Endless Service As we go on A Jesus Mission we serve alongside hundreds of different churches around the world, and together we aim to equip the found and find the lost! We are serving together!


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