A Jesus Mission has established a long-term team to serve alongside of the local church in Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A Jesus Mission has a base in the northwest corner of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The base functions as a way-point for members of the Ukraine response team and others who are traveling in and out of Europe. 

The members are involved with a local church, helping with Sunday morning services in children’s ministry and the worship team. They also aid in assisting groups of refugees who travel through the city. 

On base, current missionaries and other members of the community get together throughout the week for house church and game nights. The hope is to build up the house church and create a place where refugees from dozens of countries can come and find community and a place to be discipled. 

The Cluj base is currently working on fundraising for a base vehicle to aid in travel around-town for ministry purposes. They are also searching for re-occurring donations to aid in the base outreach efforts of providing food and coffee for people at the immigration office to build relationship in the hopes of sharing the gospel.