United: Central Valley

Regular events designed to unite the Church and bring denominations together.

Divided and polarized. This is how many now describe the landscape of American culture and the Church within it today. From issues of partisan politics to theological differences, American Christianity has chosen to fracture and split instead of choosing to be known by their love and unity. But not all are satisfied with this assessment.

United: Central Valley organizes consistent events designed to bring together denominations and unite the Church within the agricultural heart of California. While the Central Valley has been known to be the “Bible Belt of the West,” there are many large churches who are unwilling to work alongside one another.

Creating multi-denominational spaces where meals can be shared, songs can be sung together, and testimonies proclaimed is at the heart of Unity Nights, a quarterly event hosted by United: Central Valley. Though no particular church brand or denomination is promoted through these events, we believe this event is supplemental and supportive of the local Church – promoting interpersonal relationships across church walls and Jesus’ desire for all who believe in Him to be one.

Please consider financially supporting this ministry! Your donation to United: Central Valley helps put on free events like Unity Nights helping cover costs for meals, promotional materials, and rental costs for audio and visual equipment.

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