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Go On A Jesus Mission

Apply for upcoming short-term and long-term Christian mission trips around the world organized by A Jesus Mission.

Here's what your next mission trip looks like.

Discipleship training

Our goal is to equip you so you can share the simple Gospel of Jesus during your mission trip and the rest of your life.

Evangelism & outreach

Whether you're playing rock'n'roll or a game of basketball, you will serve the people you encounter with various outreach and evangelism opportunities.

Serve the local church

During your trip you will serve alongside local churches and missionaries to help empower them to better serve their communities.

Join an upcoming mission trip.

Why mission trips are important

Short term mission trips are of incredibly high value. We have seen countless people realize they are called by God into full time ministry as their perspectives are altered on a short term trip. We go into the world on short trips with the same exact goal as any other ministry tool we use. Can we equip found people, or find lost people? If the answer is yes, than we go. The great commission commands this of us.


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