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June - August 2021

European Outreach Tour

Go into the world with us on a 100-day festival style tour across Europe.

Go on A Jesus Mission


100 Day Tour





Spend three weeks at a castle in the mountains of Austria being equipped by veterans of rock-n-roll, excellent Bible teachers, and seasoned missionaries before heading out to share the Gospel in city centers, pubs, and churches. Experience life on the road with us as you tour in a van, setup and tear down a stage, and travel from city to city sharing the hope of the Gospel through service projects and live music.

Mission trip pricing

Per Person


100 Day Tour

Food & Lodging

All of the food and lodging for your time preparing at the castle and while we tour across Europe.

Touring Expense

These include the gas, fixing broken gear, paying highway tolls, and paying for the restrooms in German rest stops.

Sound/Music Equipment

We will provide speakers, amps, drum kits, and staging. This part of the budget goes to help make sure we have all of the gear we need to put together a tour.

AJM Missionary Gathering

We will finish the tour spending a week with other missionaries in Europe. We will eat together, learn the Word together, and relax while we recap and debrief after three months on the road.

Travelers Insurance

In case something anything goes wrong, we’ll have trip insurance to cover it.

Additional Mission Trip Details


The first 20 days will be at a Castle in Milstatt, Austria doing pre-production and learning how to tour.

  • Learn about musicianship and touring from touring veterans and experienced missionaries.
  • Prepare for the tour by learning how to set up and tear down an entire festival stage, how to play a rock show in a tiny pub, how to stay in host homes (and get invited back), how to book and plan a tour route, and about a hundred other things you didn’t think were a part of living on the road.
  • Learn how to contextualize sharing the Gospel in the countries you tour in from longtime missionaries and touring musicians.
  • Learn more about the history of the church in Europe and get excellent Bible teaching that will prepare you to share the Gospel and serve the church around the world.
  • Also, we will make sure you know how to change a tire. Tour vans get flat tires.

You will spend the next 75 days on an international tour across Europe.

  • We will be playing concerts big and small in pubs, churches, city centers, and street corners across the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, and more.
  • We will do a number of service projects to help the local churches we partner with reach their communities.
  • On Sundays, we will be attending and serving at local churches throughout Europe to help with worship, teaching, and more.
  • In the United Kingdom, you will drive on the other side of the road.
  • There is no way to really list everything you will experience while touring Europe. So you just have to come ready for anything…

You will end with 5 days of worship and teaching at the AJM Missionary Conference in Germany.

  • We will end the tour by joining the rest of the missionaries living on A Jesus Mission for a 5-day mission gathering in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
  • We will debrief from the tour, lead worship for the sessions, and hear specialized teachings for missionaries.
  • Also – we will eat a lot of German food.

Do I need to play an instrument?
No! We will have a number of roles to fill for this tour. Musicians, singers, sound and lighting engineers, equipment management, and more. If this interests you at all, apply and let’s talk about what role you could fill for this tour!

Is there an age limit on the tour?
Participants can be under 18 years old to apply, but we need you to be 18 or older by the time you arrive in Europe to be a part of the tour!

Will there be an audition?
Yes – if you hope to tour as a musician or singer we will require a video submission that will be followed up with an assessment of your musical abilities. Musicians will be paired into full bands that match your skillset and musical goals.

Will I need to know certain songs?
Yes. After your band is put together, you will be given a number of songs to memorize for the tour. You will also work to write new songs for your band during the time you spend at the castle.

Do I need a passport or a visa?
Yes. You will need a passport – but the 90-day visitor visa that you get when you land in Europe will suffice for this tour. We will spend part of the tour outside of the “Schengen zone” which means you can stay in Europe for the entire 100 days.

Where will we be sleeping?
You’ll begin staying at a castle and conference center in Austria… then some nights we will sleep in a church, other nights in a host home. Sometimes you may sleep in an Airbnb, and other nights you may end up in a hotel. Be flexible and ready for anything. Being on tour means you could end up literally anywhere…

What airport will I fly into?
Either in Salzburg, Austria or Venice, Italy.

After you apply to come on the tour
We will contact you by email to set up a phone conversation. On that call, we will get to know you more, go over the next steps with you, and answer any questions you might have about the tour and the process of joining AJM.

We will arrange an audition
This might be done via video, or in-person with a local musician we’ve asked to host auditions near you.

If you are invited to come on the tour
We will have you submit a $200 (US Dollar) deposit that goes towards your mission trip balance. This covers the cost of your background check and lets us know you are serious about coming to Europe with us in 2020!

Once that deposit is submitted, we will arrange an hour-long video interview that will be done by one of our missionary care directors. They will officially begin the process of “on-boarding” you with A Jesus Mission!

After your video interview
We call all of your references and run a background check on you.

You start preparing
We will set you up with a fundraising portal on, give you access to our missionary and fundraising training courses, and help you begin to prepare for the tour!

If you are playing in a band that we are building
Our music directors will send you all of the original songs that your band will be playing on the tour so you can start to learn your parts. You will be expected to arrive at the castle knowing all of the music you’ve been given so that rehearsal time with the band can be spent getting super tight, writing new songs, and preparing for life on the road.

By March 31st, 2020 all of the finances are due
We have to transfer most of this money to our European bank accounts to pay for the tour expenses, which can take some time! Regardless, if you are fundraising for this tour or paying for it yourself, all finances are due on the last day of March.

You pack your bags
If you are playing an instrument, we will let you know what all you need to bring on the tour. For example, Electric guitarists will have backline amps provided by the tour, but you will need your guitar(s), your pedalboard, a power supply that can run on 220v, and your instrument cables.

Concerning what you will need to bring, we will provide a full list as the trip gets closer. But we can promise you this: The key to touring in Europe is packing light! Pretty much every single thing you bring on tour, you will have to take into your lodging or host home each night. We recommend a duffle style backpack (like this one by The North Face) that can hold everything you need but still leaves your hands free to carry band gear.

May 2020 – You fly to Europe!
We officially start preparation at the Castle in Milstatt, Austria, on May 25th. Our admin team can help you purchase plane tickets and coordinate travel. We will have people on the ground to receive you when you arrive at the airport that will make sure you get to the castle.


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